Soft Gel Bunion Corrector

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S:8*8cm (35-39 size)
L:10*8cm (40-45 size)
If you suffer from toe overlap, bunion (hallux valgus) or abnormality, it is likely that your feet are sore, stiff or irritated at this time. But you don't have to resign yourself to a life of bunion pain.
natural and painless solution is in sight. The Bunion Corrector Brace is professionally designed to reduce and remedy bunion pain and get you back on track.
Our bunion brace is an easy and comfortable way to correct your bunion without surgery. The stretchable brace fits over your foot and adjusts your big toe. Use the brace consistently to fix your bunion.

BUNION CORRECTOR AND RELIEF- Bunion Sleeve contains cushion pad provides relief, support, and protection for the bunion area.

DEAN's Bunion Corrector Brace
GEL TOE SEPARATOR- Medical grade silicone gel toe separator increases space between big toe and second toe for toe realignment assistance.

DEAN's Bunion Corrector Brace
ELASTIC HEEL STRAP- Elastic heel strap comfortably fits around heel to prevent the sleeve from slipping off.

DEAN's Bunion Corrector Brace
RELIEF, SUPPORT, PROTECT- Gel cushions are strategically placed inside the sleeve so there's no rubber gel rubbing or irritating your skin. Only soft fabric touches your skin for ultimate comfort.
.DEAN's Bunion Corrector Brace
ANYONE. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE - Bunion Sleeve can be worn by men and women, by day or night, barefoot or under socks and shoes. Washable and reusable.