Sbeauty™ Nippy Cover (2 Pairs)

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Ultra Thin Sbeauty Nippy Cover for seamless effect and smooth coverage under clothing. Go braless and wear anything in your wardrobe. 

  • Seamless
  • Gentle to Skin
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Self Adhesive
  • Eco Friendly Silicone

Size: 8x8 CM

Sbeauty Nippy Cover has a minimum of 120 TIMES  of use and can be worn daily. It is also sweat proof and waterproof.

Product Information:

SBeauty Self Thermal Silicone Breast Patch, Glue-Free Magnetic Breast Stickers

  • Brand: SBeauty - US FDA-certified brand
  • Made in Viet Nam
  • Material: German imported medical silicone
  • Color: nude pink
  • Weight: 19 grams / 1 pair
  • Product size: Diameter 79mm, thickness 2mm
  • Shelf life: 2-3 years from use

How to use: 

Step 1: Clean the nipple area with water, then wipe it dry to make sure the patch does not peel off when used.

Step 2: Put the patch on the nipple to balance and cover the nipple as well as the areola.

Step 3: Use your hand to gently rub the chest area for 20 seconds to create friction, help increase the magnetism so that the sticker adheres tightly. Then you can confidently dress up

Step 4: Remember to clean the SBeauty Self-Heating Silicone Breast Pads, Non-Glue Magnetic Breast Stickers with Sbeauty's solution and plain water after each use.