Olivia - Post Mastectomy Fashion Lace Cami Bra

$34.86 USD
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the perfect bra to be worn under the sheerest of clothes

Olivia is a trendy cami-style bra with an attractive lace insert. It provides additional coverage and helps prevent puckering.


It is designed to be worn alone under a jacket or low neckline blouse. The pockets are specially designed extended cotton to accommodate prostheses. The straps are adjustable.

Highlights of Olivia Post Mastectomy Fashion Bra

  • Romantic camisole bra 
  • Adjustable back closure 
  • All bra sizes have 4 hook and eye closures

Olivia Camisole Bra Features

  • Restores beauty, comfort and confidence to women after breast surgery
  • Enables women to feel feminine and beautiful again

  • Adjustable straps provide a comfortable experience
  • Soft fabric offers relaxation
  • Extra coverage for a secure fit

  • Flawless fit to suit many body types
  • Bandeau camisole is manufactured with top quality materials

Size Chart


  • Bra should be centered over your sternum – When a breast form is placed in the cup of the bra, the bra should be centered over your sternum. It’s normal for some shifting to one side to occur. Major shifting is the result of a cup that is too small.
  • Bra should "tack" or touch your sternum – If the center of your bra does not tack or touch your sternum, the cup size is too small.
  • Bra cup should contain all of your breast tissue – If the cup size is too small, tissue will “spill” out and cause an unsightly appearance and profile. If the cup is too small, increase the cup size by one cup and decrease the band size.
  • Bra should be snug at your underarm and bottom band – Support of a bra comes from the band, not the straps. This is a big misconception. A snug band will provide optimal support and comfort. The more snug the band, the more comfortable the fit. Don’t believe it…experience it for yourself and feel the difference!