Oiver Bunny Stuffed Animal

$44.99 USD
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The world can be a much less scary place for the little ones when they have a calming, cozy companion by their side. Role play helps develop empathy and social skills as children imagine the world through different eyes. Caring for their furry friend is bridge building for later relationships with their not so furry friends.

Oliver - from the left side, quarter turn

A member of the Adorables, Theo is durably constructed to withstand years of love and ready to share in some imaginative playtime.

Oliver - in the hands of grateful playmate

  • Stuffed animal bunny features weighted feet and pellet filled bottom to sit comfortably in place
  • An endearing plush animal toy and gift to soften any room
  • Theo bunny plush toy is suitable for all ages
  • Created with surface washable fabrics; machine washing not recommended to maintain original appearance

Oliver- from the back

Theo bunny plush toy has a body that is irresistible to touch. Measures 12" head to toe and 7.5" seated height