[Buy More Save More] Aness - Summer Compression Socks For Swollen Feet

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Our compression socks combines function, fashion and comfort 

What is compression?

Designed to apply pressure to the legs, ankle and feet, compression socks are garments that help improve blood circulation to help prevent issues such as swelling, fatigue, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and more.

Compression stockings may be beneficial for travelers or those who are unable to move around for extended periods of time, for pregnant women during and after pregnancy, and for someone who is recovering from surgery.

Therapeutic comfort socks

Designed for those living with diabetes, edema, neuropathy, circulation issues or other foot health concerns.

  • Made with moisture wicking, antibacterial, nano bamboo charcoal fibers
  • Seamless designs help relieve pressure
  • Extra-large sizes for enlarged feet
  • Moderate compression ideal for everyday wear 

"The quality of these socks is pretty impressive. They feel so good and give your feet a nice compression. Instant foot pain relief! I've had other compression socks and the material they are often made from wears out easily and starts breaking apart. I can tell these are not going to do that. The fibers are very fine and the seams are well put together. I’m so excited of these socks so that ordered them for my husband,too" - Melissa